Aims & Mission Statement

Although Morlan opened its doors in 2005, its original vision remains: to provide an open space for everyone in the community where Christian values – such as peace and justice – can be shared through culture in its broadest sense. With this in mind, a programme of events and activities are organised throughout the year, and include annual events such as the Morlan-Pantyfedwen Annual Lecture and the Plygain (traditional carol service) and events that mark specific occasions such as Holocaust Memorial Day or One World Week.

Morlan’n aim is to be a community centre that will:

  • support the aims of Capel y Morfa as part of the Presbyterian Church of Wales
  • foster an understanding and a connection between the Christian Church and modern society
  • use various forms of contemporary culture to deepen the understanding and experience of the Christian faith
  • provide space and a forum to promote the integration of people of all ages, traditions and ways of life and help them to recognise their worth and their potential.

Mission Statement

We believe that the Lordship of Christ enables and compels us to be involved in the life of our community, our nation and our world. We believe that we cannot confine His Lordship to any church or tradition, and that He constantly invites us to discover Him in the midst of our culture – facing us with the challenge of His gospel, blessing us in our witness, and enabling us to be creative with our talents and gifts.