How You Can Help

There are several ways of supporting and helping out at Morlan.

1. Join a committee

The Programme Committee is responsible for the events organised by Morlan; it organises some events iteself and also co-ordinates the work of the Sub-committees:

  • Morlan Drama Group: a drama group that puts together at least one production each year (in Welsh). They are always looking for new members or people to help behind the scenes.
  • Education Sub-committee: responsible for organising activities for the primary and secondary sectors.
  • Faith and Religious Matters Sub-committee: responsible for organising events that deal with faith-related issues.
  • Literature Sub-committee: responsible for organising literary events.
  • Annual Lecture Sub-committee: responsible for all aspects of organising the Annual Lecture which is organised jointly with the Pantyfedwen Trust.

We are always looking for new members for these committees and groups. Welsh is the language of the meetings but we would be glad to welcome Welsh learners.

2. Volunteer

There are all sorts of ways to volunteer at Morlan. Click here for some examples.

3. Donate

 You can support Morlan financially by joining the Friends Scheme. Click here for more information.