Between 13 January and 20 February 2017 an exhibition of artwork showcasing the work of Mind Aberystwyth’s Art Group could be seen at Morlan.

A variety of pieces in different media were produced by 11 members of the Art Group who meet weekly on Tuesday mornings between 10.00 and 12.00. The group is run by Kate Saunders, a Mental Health Coordinator at Mind Aberystwyth with the aim of offering support to people who either want to maintain a good level of mental health or are currently benefitting from the supportive, creative environment that the group offers.

Mind Aberystwyth is a mental health charity based at The Mill, Mill Street, Aberystwyth. Although it is one of 146 local groups affiliated to Mind UK, it is run as a local organisation by local people for local people, and provides advice, information and support for those affected by mental distress, including their family, friends and supporters.

It has been shown that creative activities such as painting, sculpting, drawing and photography are beneficial to people with mental health problems. They are relaxing and rewarding hobbies that can lower stress levels and leave someone feeling mentally clear and calm. Creating art provides a distraction, giving the brain a break from its usual thoughts; it can also allow someone to express feelings that are too difficult to express in words.

Kate Saunders said: “The Art Group is an inclusive group of all ages, backgrounds and artistic abilities. We try to support members in developing their own artistic skills and ideas during the sessions, and we also participate in community projects and visit local exhibitions.”

For further details about any aspect of Mind Aberystwyth’s work:

Telephone: 01970 626225

Email: info@mindaberystwyth.org

Website: mindaberystwyth.org

Twitter: @aberystwythmind

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MINDAberystwyth

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